Wed, 12/6

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Thurs, 12/1

It’s been a while… but we’re back with an exciting update for you! We’re slowly rolling out Houses to more members of the community and expanding our Beta.

🏠 Create Your House! Starting today, more members of the community ****can start creating Houses for their friends, communities, subscribers, or fans. Houses let you curate a close-knit group of friends, community members, or fans through invites, where members can pop in, host conversations, and get together regularly. They’re places where you can share travel tips, learn a new language, or obsess over the latest episode of The White Lotus. With Houses, conversations are at the center of everything.

We can’t wait to see what great Houses you create. And go find some amazing houses to join as well! For more details, you can check out our blog and our FAQ.

That’s it for today, have a great week everyone!

Fri, 6/17

Hi all — Happy Friday! Here is what's new this week...

🎁 GIF reactions: you can now use a GIF in your profile picture to react to what people are saying in the room! Just long press your profile picture and tap Search for GIF.

See you in the Hallway! Enjoy your weekend!

Mon, 6/13

Hi all — Happy Monday! Excited to share the next app update for y’all!